Dampfen - Stratus. DynaVap Induction HeaterDampfen - Stratus. DynaVap Induction Heater



The Stratus is a wired induction heater for DynaVap vaporizers. Packed with a powerful 5 amp power supply you can get clicks in just 5 seconds. It’s small build and 3-meter long cable makes it a great pick if you need some versatility in your at-home sessions. Easily heat your DynaVap while it sits in a glass piece – no more wasting vapor getting ready. An exposed coil lets the Stratus cool within seconds, and gives you complete control over how much of the VapCap to heat.

  • 12v 5A power supply (3 meters, UK/EU/US plug)
  • 5 second clicks
  • Safe momentary switch activation
  • Activation LED
  • Easily customisable heating depth
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Free international shipping
  • W*H*D 5*5.7*11.6cm, 180g
  • In stock!