About us

We love the DynaVap, it has huge potential for both portability and efficiency. Though we quickly got tired of the difficulty of getting a consistent heat with lighters and torches. To address this issue we built our own induction heater.

With consistent heating it was effortless to learn exactly how long to heat the cap. No more uneven heats, twirling, or getting burnt on lighters. It’s the precise control that you need – whether you want full extraction in one click or maximum flavour. Our battery powered induction heater turns the dynavap into a truly portable device too – no more suffering cold fingers or the wind! You can even heat the DynaVap without taking it out of your glass piece.

It’s all possible with induction heating, and we created Dampfen to try and share that awesome experience with everyone by creating easy-to-use and highly-featured induction heaters – fast clicks and perfect clouds every time.

It’s early days – but we have big plans.

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